Unity Movement & Mindfulness

We are a community based virtual mixed movement studio offering instruction to all ages, abilities, and locations. From kids mindfulness to corporate meditation as well as live virtual yoga, boxing, tai chi…our students define the curriculum we offer.

Our Beliefs

We believe that the benefits of yoga should be accessible. This means that neither age, nor ability, location, or even economic circumstance should prevent anyone from finding their practice. Therefore we employ minimal staff in a virtual environment so our classes accommodate YOU. The global community matters greatly to Unify Movement & Mindfulness and our belief is to give back more than we receive.

Methods of Practice

Yoga Asana

If you are ready to move your body then Unity Movement should be your go-to. Our instructors are experienced not only in teaching yoga poses but also in breathe-work, martial arts, boxing fitness, and tai chi energetics. Whether you want to practice virtually, in-person, or try our options for private or special group; our style of movement will increase both your strength and flexibility targeting all ranges of motion of the body in the tradition of Unification

When our schedules just don’t align we also have a library of recordings to access so you can make your practice all about YOU. Being flexible with accessibility also means we have options of movement via floor exercise and with chair and prop modifications. Our mantra is #movementismedicine

Meditation & Mindfulness

From group sessions to privates Unity Mindfulness has your internal practice covered! We offer 500 RYT certified meditation specialty as well as certified group facilitation through Mindful Leader. Our instructors work with children to adults and have experience in the trauma and recovery space as well as in at-risk categories.

Karma Kindness

Unity’s core mission is to give more than we get. We encourage our students to hop along on any of our volunteer or community endeavors whether volunteering in-person or donating what they can. Anyone can give – from small words of encouragement during group class to participating in a team hike or walk. Our core belief is that collaboration benefits us all so if you have a passion that think may interest us please check out our section Yoga for Unity.


What People Say

Carolyn and Taylor are excellent meditation teachers. I had a lot of in-depth spiritual and science-based questions and they were able to explain them both in a clear and relatable manner. This greatly helped me understand and appreciate more behind the meditative experience.

Aimee Altomere

I’ve been part of this group from the very beginning. I look forward to our yoga classes every week. The teachers, Carolyn and Taylor are very knowledgeable and guide the practice providing variations and challenging us to do better everyday. They really care for us and our practice!! Thanks for all I have learned and for helping me to be better inside and out. Namaste!

Rocio Gonzalez


Recent Causes

Teal Divas

In April we supported a kind karma donation class for Teal Divas! What an experience to meet Lynn Stern Magnum who taught us some power-sculpt 🙂 Teal Divas is a Charlotte, NC based non-profit that empowers women who are experiencing or have experienced ovarian and other types of reproductive cancers. Visit their website at http://www.tealdiva.orgContinue reading “Teal Divas”


If you would like to practice your mindfulness by giving back, please contact us to join our current volunteer initiative or find a way to contribute through some inspirational collaboration!

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